Requested by Jocelyn


Thanks @jpbateson .. and let me clarify the title!.. I am fulfilling this list on behalf of all minorities in the TLA Foreign Alliance (who'd love nothing more than doing a round of shots with creative strangers!)
  1. You guys are cool, well most of you!.. even the weird ones are cool ...and we wanna hang with you
  2. ..but LA is a long way away, and then there is that little issue of $$ for us suburban folks.
  3. Not to forget that pesky exchange rate issue.. but I digress.
  4. What we're asking for, are some creative ways to get Team Down Under up to a TLA meet up!
    So we can party up like the Hemsworth's!!
  5. I mean, who doesn't love an Aussie?!
    I'mma gonna let Margot Robbie sell it!
  6. ...or a Frenchie, or a New Zealander, or ....{insert the members of TLA Foreign Alliance}
    note: membership of TLA Foreign Alliance is free and open to all non-US passport holders. Dual citizenship is allowed and valid only when living outside of the US. ☺️
  7. Like all good petitions (?), arguments, requests .. this is gonna need to trend!.. and attract the attention of ballers who wanna throw bills in the air! So, ❤️🔁📝
    I'm not yelling, I just need some font options! TLA HQ, get right on that, will you?!
  9. Y'all can come here!
    Whoa, where did that come from?!?! ...but seriously, Australia is fucking cool! You're missing out if you've never been! Just ask @john .. he loves us!
  10. I can start dancing for money
    I'm no dancer, but the kind I'm thinking of, my dancing skills won't be the centre of attention!
  11. Find a start up investor, has anyone got Naval's number?!
    Technically not a start up per se... details, details. Think less, invest more 😏
  12. List to the CFO of The List App with smart, witty and irresistible charm.. and a bunch of reasons why TLA Exchange needs to be a thing!
    I'll include GIFs :)
  13. Get vocal. I hear y'all dig our accent.
  14. Sell my unnecessary crap on Gumtree (our Craigslist)
    I might just work up the $2k I need
  15. Car wash.. for a few months!
  16. ...your turn!
  17. List App exchange program. The ad would read: Wanted, LA List Apper looking for a holiday in Brisbane, Australia. Someone not fussed about missing upcoming List App meet up. Would need ability to keep plants alive. Cat lovers only.
    Suggested by   @jpbateson
  18. List App exchange program: Wanted, LA Lister looking for a holiday in Perth (near the beach!). Someone not fussed about missing the upcoming TLA meet up. Needs to be a dog person and a husband person (he's super nice and a fit firefighter!) enquiries to @jessicaz
  19. I could take a night job, who needs sleep anyway? All proceeds earned to be saved for List App girls trip.
    Suggested by   @jpbateson
  20. I'd prefer to visit Australia again for a meetup rather than LA so I'm on board with that plan - just need like a year to start dancing myself for extra money!
    Suggested by   @kate81
  21. Get a job on a cruise ship. Request to work on a cruise ship bound for LA. Once you arrive, jump ship (literally & figuratively) and head for the nearest List App meet up.
    Suggested by   @jpbateson
  22. @jpbateson that's similar to my idea of getting a job as a Qantas hostess .. on the well-sought after SYD>LAX flight! Now that would be the job that pays!
  23. All of the Aussies on here rally to try and win any radio/tv/money winning competition, we pool our winnings and make something happen! Examples include; Nova 96.9 Secret Sound, Sunrise's Cash Cow OR we pretend we're a family & go on Family Feud, smash it & win everything.
    We're a lucky bunch, right?
    Suggested by   @Evie