My actual night dreams have been off the richter this week! These three had me like 🤔
  1. Walked into a room (not a party but it was vibey). Prez Trump was there with his back to me, hands on hips. I skipped up to him with absolute confidence, swooped my arm into his (country dance style) and serenaded him in song and dance with 'If I Were A Rich Man'. He was amused.
    Full disclosure: I'm not a supporter of Trump or his administration! I think these dreams came from spending time considering the human side of this family etc.
  2. It was a week with Trump dreams... next was time to hang with Melania. So, I was sitting next to Melania and I lean in and ask, "who's that girl?". She replied it was her assistant. I replied that he assistant didn't seem to be very good. She agreed. Called her over, fired her and hired me into the official position of Assistant/Bestie.
    The dream continued and basically I was worse than the original assistant and delegated my assistant duties to my sister. She took M + D's grandchildren to the movies for me.
  3. I was laying on a lawn at uni and a magpie approached me [real life: I live in fear of these birds]. I tried to keep my shit together as the bird got super close to my face. Then, like my dog does, the magpie rubbed its cheek to mine and then snuggled in and spooned (?) with me.
    Ok. Before you commit me! I am just blown away by this dream. It was so short, yet so complex. I am left wondering what the actual fuck was that? The dream meanings are actually all relevant (naturally!). Ugh! Do I like magpies now?!