Excited AF.

You know I love to travel.. You know I love to connect.. meet people.. like you guys!..
  1. You may have heard.. we're organising a li.st meet up.. in Sydney.. AUSTRALIA!
  2. And well, I live on the other side of the country, in Perth.
  3. So... I needed to book some flights.. hello Qantas, my friend!
  4. 5 days will do it!
    Go up the coast to see my love @courtneyjaderose ... and a night with my city love @Noams... and then we'll all hang with you on the weekend!
    The suspense!!
  6. Alas, I get back to my seats...
    Let's do this, Qantas. Ugh, Jetstar. Damn. Povo student using points cannot complain!
  7. BOOKED!... and just like that, my study week will be in Sydney!..
  8. Meeting li.st people at Australia's second official @ListMeetUps!!!! I am so freaking excited!!!
    The first one was in Brisbane.. which I didn't go to but was promised by @jpbateson that she'd come to Sydney if I arranged this one! Which she is!!
  9. So!.. Who's coming?
    Sydney • Saturday, October 1 • li.sters only!
  10. PS: if you're not following @ListMeetUps .. FOLLOW! All invites etc will come from here as we get closer.