Missy is my dog, she's 2, she's a rescue pure Jack Russell X Bull Terrier mix. She is 💯 adorable. These are my fave moments, of hers
  1. getting some sun
    her jowls loosen and her little fangs show.. she loses any form of lady-like-ness.. what a little gem.
  2. all tucked up in a ball
    I swear she is thinking, "yo bitch, let a bitch sleep".
  3. waking up
    on the nights that it's just me in bed, my little companion will sleep at the end of the bed.. in the morning (if she's not food obsessed), she can get pretty cute.
  4. crack ball obsession
    her tennis ball(s) are life.. she is most focused when that little yellow felty sphere is in her zone. She is so ravenous for tennis balls it's almost ugly... but oh-so-cute at the same time!
  5. the cutest guard dog of all time
    Talk about poking my heart! I love when people sit against our fence and then eventually realise there is a little dog sniffing their butts! Oh Missy!