Film Review: Arrival

so I don't spam @reallybadtiming's list with comments! Let's discuss! [SPOILER ALERT]
  1. First up, I haven't been consumed by film like that in a while. It had me physically responding (as in murmuring responses under my breath, moving in my seat from discomfort with humanity). Overall, I think that's the appeal of this movie for me, is the level of disrupt and discomfort at human responses.
    Already rethinking my response to the "would you change a thing" line.. ahhhh... *processing*
  2. What captured my attention was the overall understatedness of the usual suspects in a sci-fi and the dialling up of the science/linguistics and underlying meaning. This film has you critically thinking and I am still processing it to be quite honest!
    *my linguistics lecturer told us about this film back in August and she was just so excited. I might email her for her professional opinion!
  3. The attention to detail on the heptapod language was insane and the non-linear orthography has me now reading all sorts of articles! I especially like how Villeneuve arrived (!) at the graphics (nay, artwork) of the logograms themselves (article below).
  4. @reallybadtiming you asked me what I thought of the ending and tbh, I'm still processing. The palindrome approach to the film and the time displacement (!) still has me thinking. So currently I can't comment on that. So I guess my thoughts on the ending are still very surface. AMA+
    I know our time zones don't lend themselves to this, but when you're up, ask away!! What did you want my thoughts on in particular? Louise' encounter with Costello? The whole Louise and Ian thing? Hannah?
  5. If you have seen the film, @reallybadtiming and I would love to get your opinions, thoughts etc..
  6. 🚨Potential Spoilers🚨 My wife and I were enthralled by this movie. It's rare for us to walk out feeling surprised (not that we're geniuses - we've just seen a lot of movies) and talking about it for a few days.
    It's probably not the discussion you're looking for, but the childhood cancer angle and would you do it again knowing the outcome really hit home in her line of work (Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant). We talked at length about how her patients parents would approach that decision/situation, and how we might with our own small children.... Phenomenal movie, near if not the top of my list for 2016, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5
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  7. Agreed @BWN_7 .. I wrote my tweet and then I thought about the cancer thing and the whole 'life ending' and it made me think would I change it if given the chance? Hmm. Then when you put that in the mix with knowing information with no time anchor (my current interpretation), it's a great deal of mind fuckery. I still am not sure I ...
    ...have a full grasp on this non-linear time/space thing. Where is Neil deGrasse Tyson when you need him?!
  8. I liked it a lot, but I think for an emotional film, it was also a bit cold and distant. This is true of all the director's work IMO, but it wasn't as important in Prisoners or Sicario. Jeremy Renner is also miscast. The way their relationships develop is great, but he just didn't work for me.
    Everything else was great. The real worldness of it, it was so grounded! The linguistics and lessons on language and how it parallels our own lack of communication and listening is becoming more relevant, especially in the wake of the election. Like I said, I liked it a lot, but I wanted to like it more.
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  9. Curious, who might you have cast over Renner? (I don't agree nor disagree, Just curious) @eliolsberg .. I felt Villeneuve spelt out the 'he's Hannah's Dad' a little too much, we got that, use those valuable minutes on the more poignant parts. I loved that he avoided typical romanticism (imo) between L + I.
  10. I saw the film right after Election Day so the lack of communication really made an impact on me. Everyone wanted to save and protect humanity but all had a different approach on how it should be done, whether it be to presume war or to try to understand the foreigners in their midst.
    The end result that peace was reached because Louise was simply able to change General Shang's mind was powerful.
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  11. I waited until I saw it to read this list. Goddamn, that ending hit me hard.
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