From Pictures To Person

  1. four weeks from now, to the hour, I go from being a picture (words and an ever-changing avi) to a real-life human person.
  2. my first meet up.
  3. meeting a group of other 'pictures' whom I've been kicking it with for almost 12 months.
  4. what will they think when they first meet me?
  5. will I live up to (or even meet) the expectation/image they have of who I am?
  6. I mean, this ain't my first rodeo, I've met online friends before and things went so well.
  7. yet, at the back of my mind, the insecurity of 'will they like me' still creeps in.
  8. will I be taller/shorter than they expect?.. will I sound weird to them?.. will my personality match my 'profile'?.. will it shock them that I'm a hugger?.. and that I get 'little girl excited' on meeting them?
  9. they will get the unfiltered me.
  10. ultimately I'm so excited to meet them, so it's reasonable to assume the same excitement will be returned for me, right?