Brain training for the soul.
  1. Being grateful as a way to reset your baseline of happiness or contentment is a practice
    for more on this, you must read or seek out the works of Shawn Achor, Positive Psychologist and all-round awesome dude. >> his book, The Happiness Advantage
  2. Most will 'start out', keeping a gratitude journal and then life throws you a curve ball and you're like, "fuck it"!
    Personally, I'm useless at keeping a gratitude journal
  3. This is ok!.. Shit happens, what happens next is what counts.
  4. Pick one thing to explore your gratitude for.
    Pick it, tell yourself in your minds voice what it is, why you are grateful for it and what level of joy it brings (it might be mild, that's ok!)
  5. Gratitude is not to be practiced at a set time. This is what derails most from practicing.
    Unlike most things, gratitude needs no set time. It is so beneficial if acknowledged in the moment and if you do keep a journal, the reinforced positive memory recall will help even more.
  6. Yet, it's still a practice, so you need to remind yourself to do it! You need to train your brain
  7. In the beginning it may feel a bit phony, especially if this isn't your usual jam! Give it some time, and observe the effects
    It could go something like this: I've just rushed to the bus stop, why was I so late?.. It wasn't my fault. Shit, my day is going to be crazy. Why is the bus driver so cranky? I feel you, brother! *looks out the window* See's favourite ship is in port. [Don't dismiss it! This is the moment to acknowledge that seeing this brings you a momentary amount of joy. NOW'S THE TIME!! Exercise gratitude for seeing it. It takes 10 seconds!]
  8. Really fight the urge to think this is nonsense, science will prove you wrong!!
  9. Be specific. Shawn tells us that for positive thought reinforcement to work, we must contextualize our gratitude.
    Ie. Rather than "I'm so grateful for my husband" .. try, " I am so grateful for my husband bringing me that coffee whilst I was stressing about my assignment. He really is so supportive in the most simplest of ways. He knows I need the caffeine!"
  10. Repeat.
    Over and over. This is the practice, the training part. Acknowledging things you are grateful for is very deliberately a conscious action that will eventually allow your subconscious thoughts to have a elevated positive baseline.
  11. {Beware of being grateful of pleasure too often!}