I was at the beach today, and I had a moment of intense gratitude. I was mentally moaning about something ridiculously petty, when I looked up and out, and the moment struck me.
  1. I am incredibly grateful...
  2. for the stunning beach(es) I get to walk, play and exercise on.
  3. for the safe neighborhood that I call home.
  4. for the fact that I have a roof over my head and for the wonderful place I get to call home.
  5. for the freedom of spirit I have.
  6. for the sake that I know life is fluid and the knowing that what might be today, might not be tomorrow
    ...and on the whole being ok with this.
  7. for having a variety of love in my life.
  8. for having information at my ready whenever I need it, completely uncensored.
  9. for having access, choice and right to an education (without question).
  10. for being at the beach on a Wednesday at 12pm and not being in a hurry to get anywhere else.
  11. for the ability to walk on the beach in a bikini and not feel objectified.
  12. for not being in fear of being assaulted.
  13. for my health: that I can get out of bed with no mental or physical pains.
  14. for my family that love me and support me.
  15. for having choice.