Happy Birthday, @list.

...and, thank you, with big big love from this gamma-gal from Perth, 🇦🇺 xo
  1. Some people capture your mind, or heart, or both and you 'follow' them. That's what happened a year ago when I was typing in my standard username into an app called The List App. I was following @bjnovak into his next adventure.
  2. Thank you Benjamin for leading me onto this path. I really didn't know what to think about it until I read a list by @dev that made me think that this place was different. It was in fact and in no way cliche, special. So for that list, Dev, thank you.
  3. Over the course of the year from my very first list (an actual list - MY FAVE SONGS ON NAOMI'S PHONE) to my most recent (a deep account of my thoughts - Fallen Into These Parameters), I have grown as a writer, a woman and a communicator.
  4. Li.st has taught me that I am an expressionist.
  5. Li.st has taught me that I *am* a writer.
    Still with the fonts guys!! I just need italics. That's all!
  6. Li.st has taught me that my affinity of people is stronger than ever.
    And that makes me feel very secure about my future career path!
  7. Li.st has given me so many new friends: IRL, semi-IRL and of course, online. Some of which I spend hours of my day with.
    Specifically my Aussie List Babes, @Lisa_Fav @DawnCloud @LeahG
  8. Li.st gives me daily, new perspectives on life and I heart that immeasurably.
  9. Li.st has shown me that human compassion and human destruction is powerful.
  10. Li.st has given me many things. Many things I choose to not deliberate on.. just know you hold a very special place in my heart and my 'connections' folder on my phone. ☺️
  11. To @Nicholas @jeremysomething @minhal* @aq @jeb @Waz @listbot: thank you for all the hard work you guys put in to make this app awesome! I know you guys are the true heroes in this story and I hope you're all celebrating this weekend.
    * I know you're rocking out your own adventures now, yet the work you did is to be recognized! I'll never forget you were the first HQ to like my list!
  12. To all my li.st friends + fellow follows, happy li.st birthday.. to a lot of you, happy listeversary!.. good times!
  13. Ok, music up, drink in hand, people to list with.. let's go! 🎶🍾👯