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Heath Ledger's Scar. Stories and other Stories.

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  1. I'm not a name dropper. I have no names to drop. Well at least that's what I thought.
    I'm just a girl from a small city. Who do I know? Nobod...
  2. Then I was explaining the 'tall poppy' concept to @Lisa_Fav and used a known example.. "Like before Heath Ledger was famous and we all.."
  3. Oh dear. I tend to forget he became a super delectable mega-star 😁
    and for the record, I really liked Heath and thought he was a phenomenal actor.
  4. So yes, I grew up 'around' Heath Ledger.. but I need to give full disclosure, we were not friends. This is just a list about a boy who grew up in my 'hood!
  5. Around 1994-1996 I got to know about Heath. He went to the all-boys private school down the road from my co-ed private school. He dated a girl from my year (she was one of the cool kids, so we were friendly but I did not sit at her table!).
    The scar story is coming. I promise.
  6. I didn't attend many parties, but one of the ones I did, I had a run in with Heath. Well my friend did (I was shy back then!). I wasn't watching where I was walking and nearly tripped on his bucket* and he was like "fuck, watch where you're going", and my friend (who did not like him) replied "fuck off, dickhead" #classyaf (I was so embarrassed)
    Image not mine, but this was about the right age. Also, *it may not have been his bucket.. he may have been looking after it for a friend.
  7. By 1996, Heath was already the star lead in a local teen TV series called Sweat (he played a gifted gay cyclist). It was his first major TV role.
    image courtesy of google images.
  8. Heath would regularly come to our school to see his girlfriend. I was never around when he did, but I remember my girlfriends mentioning it and there was always a lot of chatter about, "did you see Heath when he picked up Renee?"
  9. In our final year, I was in the school dance competition (as a drama student, of course!) and our school competed against Heath's. He directed their winning performance titled 'Fashion Frenzy'. He played a cameo role, because of course he did!
    this photo is kindly sourced from Guildford Grammar school.. that might be him up front, idk.
  10. After we left school, the guy I was dating was friends with a bunch of Heath's school friends. We would get regular updates on how his career was taking off, and that he made regular trips to Los Angeles, and that he was about to move to the States because he landed a movie role.
    I honestly got so excited for Heath. He was always a super hard worker.
  11. Oh, the scar...
    above his eyebrow.
  12. In 1995, at a Saturday morning hockey game, center forward Heath, was legging it for the goal. The only person to stop him was the full back and the only way was to foul. So my husband, the full back, leant down and in with his shoulder, Heath went over him and landed face down onto his stick.
    So my husband tells me, Heath was a very good hockey player. I'm not at all surprised.
  13. Before I finish this list, for nostalgia's sake...
    big love, Heath. RIP.