Highlights From My Week

  1. Attending my nephew's grade school assembly in which he was awarded an Excellence and Sporting award. I was exceptionally proud of him.
    Fact: I had tears in my eyes that entire assembly. My sister chose a great school for him. I'm considering writing to the principal to praise him for the work he has done.
  2. Making cinnamon rolls for one of my besties. She has been asking for ages, so we made Sunday brunch of it.
    The kind of company I keep can be summed up in her reply to my suggestion to get OJ if she wanted mimosas.. "No, no. Full strength is perfecto!"
  3. I did some exercise!!! And it felt awesome! I went to Barre and with every single squat pulse I felt infinitely better.. [permission to retract this statement when delayed muscle fatigue sets in!]
    This is an old pic with some friends, the studio owner and my old instructor Isaac (who is now ballet dancing in Europe!) from my previous time there (umm, like, Dec!)
  4. Caught up on so much of my current read The Fountainhead. I am so close to being finished. My favourite line this week is:
    "Have you always liked being Howard Roark?". Roark smiled. The smile was amused, astonished, involuntarily contemptuous.
  5. Spending a lot of time with my mum. She honestly is such a kind and generous woman. We are by no means 'besties' and i prefer it this way. I treasure her, as my mother, with all my heart.
    I wasn't very snap-happy this week, so no recent pic.. this one of us is from my bday. For 60-something she's a freaking hottie. #nofilter!