Honeymooner's Guide To Australia

On behalf of Australia we'd like to thank you, @MandyKN, for choosing our fair land for your first 16 days of marital bliss!
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    MAAATTTEEEEE!!!! So excited you're choosing Australia for your honeymoon! Whether it's partying some more or turning off your phones and surrendering to our beautiful outback, sightseeing our cities, or reclining on a deserted beach (or in a hotel room πŸ˜‰), you're coming to the right place! We're hella happy to host you!
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    Ok, so first up, you need to decide: The Australia you see in the movies (i.e. "The Outback") or ummm, well... Australia! πŸ˜‰ Dispel what you think you know about Australia and get ready to be pleasantly surprised.
    Disclaimer: Australia is fairly expensive, both to live and travel in. You have a great exchange rate though 1USD currently buys you 1.20AUD.
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    The time of the year, March-April (?) is perfect. It will still be hot enough, but not crazy hot* and our tropical cyclones should be done and dusted by then. Any one of my suggestions can be done in 16 days (but certainly not all!!). We're a big island, it takes time to get around!
    *crazy hot is when we get weeks of +110F
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    Why on earth wouldn't you come to Australia JUST for the beaches?! We have the world's best. Our *best* beaches are hard to get to, so here are our must visit beaches that are easier to get to: Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW (for the clicheness), Byron Bay, NSW (for Hemsworth spotting), The Whitsundays (for proper-ass honeymooning), Cable Beach, Broome, WA (for outback beaching), Exmouth, WA (for whaleshark swimming), any PERTH beach (for tanning with Jess!), Bunker Bay, WA (for romantic beach walks)
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    [The Outback]
    Adelaide to Darwin on The Ghan Railway. The beauty of this adventure is you get a bit of everything! Adelaide is a small capital city, but it's a charm. South Australia hosts two of the best wine regions in Australia (The Barossa & Clare Valleys). You can do the Ghan in two trips, stopping in the middle of our fair land to climb the world's largest monolith (rock), Uluru. Then make your way to tropical Darwin which is as Aussie as it gets, mate! Google these cities to get a real for them.
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    [Road Trips]
    Gosh, you could happily road-trip just about anywhere in Aus! Beware, we drive on the other side of the road. Top 3 road-trip journeys, not ranked: Sydney to Brisbane (a good chance to do both Byron Bay AND The Whitsundays!), Adelaide to Perth (check out the world's longest-straightest-flattest road, the Great Australian Bight and the south west of my beautiful state), Darwin to Broome (for an actual Australian outback adventure. It truly is stunning). Oh, bonus road-trip (!), Tasmania! / πŸ“· me!
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    When you've seen one, you've seen them all! I'm going to just rank them according to my likes: 1. Perth (repping the home city!), 2. Sydney, 3. Adelaide (this is a tough call!), 4. Brisbane, 5. Darwin, 6. Melbourne, 7. Hobart, 8. Canberra (sorry to our nation's capital!). DM me if you want me to elaborate ;)
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    [Pick An Experience]
    I know you love your beer!... and so does Australia... like, a lot! I can only really advise on the brew houses in my own state, but it might be fun to pick another one or two cities to visit that are known for their boutique beer scene and centre your vacation around that. How fun! An itinerary of just beer houses?! Ha! Can I come??
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    This should be enough to get you googling... if I think of more, I'll add and tag you 😘
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