Requested by Leah

How I'm Celebrating Harry Potter Day

Word in Diagon Alley is that it's Harry Potter Day, tomorrow, May 2. I just started my Potter journey last month, so because I'm new to it all I'm preparing early!
  1. Dress in my house colours. 🐍
    I know you think I'm Ravenclaw @Lisa_Fav ..but just like Harry, I denied the Sorting Hat. Truly, I am Slytherin.
  2. Seek guidance from my Hogwarts tutor, @LeahG, on how to out-nerd the 'Potter kids' at Uni.
    ...or at least keep up with them!
  3. Prepare age/status appropriate HP pick up lines.. (with my tutor!)
    Clear that I've not used a pick up line in a while!!
  4. Curating my meal plan on the original list app!
    This actually is a pretty good meal plan!
  5. Incessantly post photos on my Snapchat when I'm listening to Potter.
    I'm reading so much for Uni, so instead, I'm listening to the Stephen Fry audiobooks. Brilliant!
  6. Refuse to blow dry my hair so I can look more like Hermione
    I've been practicing (truth, bc you've seen my basic beauty routine, this ain't a hard look for me!)
  7. What else can I do?!