Requested by Leah

How it feels to be a mid.dle child in the beta-gamma-delta family

..middle child since 1983; which makes me both a pro on the subject and much older than a lot of you! (inspired by the ever funny @Lisa_Fav)
  1. 'Dad' just doesn't ❤️ me (my lists) anymore.
    let's call them 'Dad'
  2. Insane jealousy watching 'Dad' like baby Delta('s lists)
    Starting to feel weird calling them 'Dad'. Will persist for the list! Because I'm a middle child, yo!
  3. Beta doesn't care anymore.
    What are older siblings for if they don't care?!
  4. I know, I'll do (list) something crazy to get attention.
  5. I know, I'll comment and like and relist like a maniac to get some attention
    I'm oblivious to this being annoying bc I'm on an attentional high!
  6. I know, I'll get my friends in on my antics too
    ..and have them list request me shit to get some attention!
  7. Nothing. 'Dad', 'Beta'??
    Screw you Delta, you always hog 'Dad's' ❤️'s
  8. I don't mean that. I'm sorry Delta. I love you.
    Let's hug it out.
  9. Screw you, I'm off to my room.
    To think up lists to win your affection. I'm a super needy middle child.
  10. I'm not good enough anymore..
    I know that's not true, it's a middle child tactic! Watch and learn
  11. "Hey 'Dad', wanna go play in the yard with me.. when you're finished with Delta?"