How Team Snapchat Offended Me On Australia Day 🇦🇺

Alt title: Happy Australia Day!
  1. Did they just recycle this image from 4th July?
  2. Here's why:
  3. Open flame not permitted in summer in dare I say most (all?) of the country. Total fire ban.
    Ok, the total fire ban in summer might just be a WA thing, but still, we're a third of the country, so...
  4. I don't know what psychedelic shit you drink from your red cups, but a beer would be far more accurate.
    We might be ex-convicts, but we're not savages.. we prefer to drink from glass (bottles)
  5. Domestic fireworks are illegal, bro! Unless you live in the north. This offends me. Plus, I'm scared of drunk idiots setting off fireworks. It's personal!
  6. These don't look like pavlova or lamingtons.. they look like cake pops and a variation red velvet cake.
    Tbf, these are both great ideas for our boat trip later!
  7. Ugh. Gross. Snapchat. Straya? Really? I feel like you and I are off-brand with each other these days. Except the hare filter. I like the hare.
    I just can't. Fuck right off with your Straya bullshit. It is Australia you hick bastards. No, I'm not going to pander to the 'it's a little fun'. No. Ugh.