Requested by Lisa

How to break into a luxurious resort and enjoy their infinity pool

thanks for the LR @Lisa_Fav
  1. The day started out like any other. We had breakfast, laid by the pool, made plans for the day. On recommendation from @mnickwrites we headed to Surin Beach for beach lounging and beverages.
    Not exactly tanning weather!
  2. We couldn't find the place he recommended. Instead we sat in at a little shanty looking dive with clientele that resembled Anthony Bourdain in speedos and rabid dogs (or as I call them, drabies) scratching their fleas at our feet.
    Naturally I ordered a Leo.
  3. After a couple hours of drinking beers we went off to explore the rocky beachscape. On our way back we noticed a path leading to a massive building. We took the path.
    Taking the path is precisely *how* we 'broke in' to the luxury resort, @Lisa_Fav 😏
  4. On discovering we were in a classy resort our pact was to move with confidence. You know, like we're residents. We followed our natural instincts to the directory board. And there we saw it, [Rooftop: Bar, Infinity Pool..] Didn't take long to settle in.
  5. We had to fit in quickly. At the bar we avoided billing 'our room' with a question, "do you take Visa?". I slid in with the immediate follow up flirt to the second barman, "cool cap, Superman" (his cap said Superman) and that side glance girls use. We even managed to get a photo taken by Superman to celebrate our deviance!
  6. Superman made our cocktails while we made a beeline for the pool. Priorities!
  7. After being overtly Aussie and American in the pool (read: fun), we decided to act our 30-something age and order a whisky. Of course we chose a Thai variety, Sangsom or something of that nature. The dram was a little on the lean side. Probably for the best!
  8. The beers, cocktails and whisky set in. After hearing the whisper sounds of DJ Khaled's 'All I do is win', we started dancing and the next thing you know, the barman pumps up the volume. The quiet pool bar was finally getting turnt, yo!
    There was also a house version of Adele's 'Hello'!
  9. Our cab driver was picking us up at Surin Beach so we had to get moving, when the barman came over and invited us to open happy hour for the day. It would be very rude to refuse.
    Buy one get one free!
  10. A quick dance on the way out. What a splendid way to spend our beach day in Surin. Not at all in the plan. Then again and I've said this time and time before, sometimes you just have to throw away the plan!
    It is now past 'sunset' .. and no, we didn't see it: a) we were too busy dancing and b) the cloud was too thick anyway.
  11. After a failed attempt to have concierge call our driver (to change our pick up location) we had to get our hustle on so we didn't miss our ride! Time to sneak out the way we came in!
  12. Ahhh, Surin, you were beautiful and very surprising! Great combination.
    That's 'our' resort at the top left!