How To: 2.4.0+

Inspired by comments and lists and such
  1. Need hope, I gotcha covered!
    It's not really hope as much as faith. I guess at the core of it, the interface is only one part of it for me. It's the people I interact with; whether it be on lists, in DM or via another platform. I'm not phased (to any overwhelming sense) by the changes.
  2. Yeah, but the community is changing!
    Such a great metaphor for life! Life changes, how do you cope? You adapt! Your regulars are quiet, or moved on? Find new regulars! Get back to basics: follow, like, comment!
  3. It's soooooo quiet!
    That's true to a degree. Try being on my timezone. Where are you all at my 4pm?! Huh?! If it's quiet, make some noise, tag your faves. Now is not a time to be shy. Interact, motherfuckers! (said with love ♥️)
  4. It's just too different, I can't get my head around it.
    Can't or won't? Check yourself!
  5. I might take a break.
    Cool! Sweet. will be here when you get back. @ me when you return, I'll fill you in on the changes and any goss that went down while you were gone.
  6. But I just want it the way it was
    At which point? It has been changing since it was a little baby-beta app in 2014! The list you know today will be different again in .... weeks/months. It's evolving and you're a part of that until you're not.
  7. Need hope still? Ok, I'll send you as much as I can spare. I'm using up a fair bit of it in my personal life!
    Love you weirdos (again, said with love!) 😘😘😘
  8. #toughlove
    (followed by hugs, because truly, I really am a lover who cares)
  9. Something I did recently that helped...
    Cull and redo notifications. Different times for different folks, you know? I recently changed up a bunch of my notifs.
  10. Take a leaf outta someone else's ..ahh, lists?! 🤔
    @andersun does this amazing thing at connecting the community! He @'s people of interest into comments. I recently asked for Hamlet suggestions. He @ me a couple listers and lists. I said to him I felt foolish afterwards bc I could've just used search and then he reminded me that listing, @'ing and commenting were better than just using the search field. He is (was) so right.