Inspired by @WSJ // EDIT: appears I missed a few questions!..
  1. Number of unread emails
    12 .. cleaned my 3 inboxes this week. It was in the 900's!
  2. First app checked in the morning
    Whichever of these received o/night notifications. Usually insta or snap.
  3. Most used app
    These days, Snapchat. Usually Instagram. Listapp ties for third with Twitter. 😐
  4. Last used app before bedtime
    Same as my wake ritual
  5. Your most liked photo on Instagram
    Is this my favourite or the most likes?! The most likes are a pair of my Toms! (weird!) .. Let's face it, I have a lot of pics on there (and I love them all!). My most recent fave is this one my friend Raechel took of us.
  6. Most recent Uber ride
    A cheap ride into Fremantle on Australia Day #drinkresponsibly
  7. Your most retweeted tweet
    Let's face it.. my Twitter ain't that popular! Apparently a tweet on Feb 11th garnered 4 retweets! Whoa! 😳 << checked this and Twitter analytics is wrong!
  8. Favourite emoji
  9. Outgoing voicemail messages
    I don't do voicemail at all. I'm against the concept. It's redundant, just text me! Plus my mum leaves ridiculous vm's like, "Love, it's Mum, call me". Really, mum?!?! Just no.
  10. To get to know me more, come to Perth and buy me a beverage! Listapp Meet Up, the international tour!
  11. *EDIT* ..reads actual article.. adds additional questions!..
  12. App most likely to be viewed while in a checkout line
    Probably my Instagram.
  13. Most essential app while traveling
    I'd say Google Maps. I like to know exactly where I am!.. and translator is a close second. It's respectful to attempt the language of the country you're traveling in.
  14. Cities listed in weather app
    Perth (general metro), WA (general regional towns), Atlanta, Lasuanne, Rome, Borgo Trento, Los Angeles, Darwin, Byron Bay, Sydney, Sudbury, Reykjavik (and other parts of Iceland), Grand Baie, San Diego (and La Jolla), Chicago, Melbourne, Ubud.
  15. Favorite shopping app
    I don't shop online much (I know 😳) .. though, @lululemon has an awesome shopping app. 💯 ..and it's far too easy to use!
  16. Favorite photo filter
    I don't generally use a filter.. I adjust manually.
  17. Favorite podcast
    The Great Debates .. @helytimes so much respect for your Friends argument.. I was with you all the way. 👌🏼
  18. Most surprising app you depend on
    Probably my period app (iP free).. It's a shitty app, but it does the job 😏
  19. Person you FaceTime most often
    My friend Steph. I don't FT too often though :) ..oh, and my friend Santina on Skype bc she is an Androidian!
  20. Most common Siri command
    Asking Siri to play [insert musician name]... asking Siri to call someone .. or asking her if she can rap (better than her beatbox prompt) ..then abusing her for checking her sources.
  21. Favorite Instagram feed
    Favourite or favourite to stalk?! I must admit, I'm a massive fan and get giddy when I see a post from http://instagram.com/topdupcoffee (best donuts in town!) .. for aesthetics (of which are not my own) I love love http://instagram.com/katiemitchellphotography for her pretty pictures of Paris, love and flowers (and she is a good friend of my bff).
  22. Most listened-to artist on iTunes
  23. App I wish someone would invent
    This might exist, but if not.. an app that is a mash up of snapchat/karaoke/lip sync battle [patent pending!]