I've Been In A Committed Relationship With Three Women For A Year!

ahem, an *open*, committed 'ship. 😏
  1. happy friendiversary, ftc 😘
  2. a whole year kicking it with three of the most diverse, brilliant women one could be so lucky to find.
    ...kinda feel like I need to thank @list at this point for putting us in the same room!
  3. some might expect carrying a friendship over 4 time zones to be difficult, yet we manage with relative ease!
    ...and the help of at least (and not limited to) 5 social media platforms!
  4. ...oh and not to forget, 'regular post' and the odd IRL visits (well, for some of you!)
    I wanted to send you guys something but that international postage kills me! Birthdays only!
  5. Gone are the days of waking up to 375+ WhatsApp messages (thank goodness) on the daily...
  6. ...and cheers to just knowing we have each other's back!
  7. My days are brighter for having you wonderful women in my life.
  8. Big love to each of you ♥️