Three foods I must have to sustain (my) life.. If I could only eat three things for the rest of my life.. (Except for those things I mention at the bottom of this list. It took a fantastical turn! ✌🏼️✨)
  1. hot chips (fries)
    Not French fries, like kick ass fat-cut fries.. preferably triple cooked, preferably made and delivered by Heston Blumenthal.
  2. avocado
    healthy fats • green • tasty AF #foodporn
  3. dark chocolate
    preferably Blanxart • preferably 80% cocoa • high in magnesium
  4. ...of course, these items are delivered
  5. ...yes, I have an endless supply of champagne, water and coffee
  6. ...yes, I spear all my fish, shuck my own oysters and dive for my abalone.
  7. ...no, I don't hunt bore (if it's not organic pork raised with tender love and care, I'm not interested)
  8. I've got a kick ass island hut I built from the expanse of knowledge I have from countless episodes of Survivor and Bear Grylls.
  9. Fin.