1. So despite my efforts to have a chilled, happy week
  2. I seem to be coming up against a couple of speed bumps
  3. It's cool. Nothing I can't handle.
  4. It's just killing my buzz (a little!)
  5. But then..
  6. I check my phone before my shower
  7. List App notifications *yeay*
    My favourite people are connecting with me
  8. My friend (and a co-inspirer behind my list "my bad decade") joined @list!
  9. Her name is @iswari
  10. She is super kick ass
  11. Give her time to punch out a few lists and I'm sure you'll love her too
    No pressure Ish! Get it done!
  12. Her name is Iswari, but you can call her Ish.
  13. Then when she likes you, you can call her Smish!
  14. And she's a huuuuuuge @mindy fan 😀
    ..but who isn't?!
  15. So welcome to the newest kid on the block.. 👏🏼✨ Ish, welcome to The List App.
    I know you'll like it here!
  16. 😘😘😘
  17. ...and her response to this much love, will be "awww baaaabe"