Jess Abroad: Phuket

Stay tuned for updates.
  1. [departure] What a killer day. Stressful. I cried three times. No one likes money woes before a vacay (and then some). Alas, my phone caused a debacle at the time I was supposed to be en route.
  2. [departure] Got to the airport. Checked in. My carry on was overweight. I'm risking a $150AUD fine. I literally packed as much in my backpack as I could, hoping they don't see my bumbag (fanny-pack) under my rain jacket.
    Be bold!!
  3. [departure] Started something while in transit...
    Cause I need another group chat with the same group! Haha. Love you @DawnCloud @LeahG @Lisa_Fav
  4. [departure] Sweet relief. No fine. I'm onboard. I feel the stress melting away. Good bye, Perth.
    Perth > Singapore > Thailand
  5. [in transit] when it is in the hour of 5(am) and you spot an angel. Good morning, Singapore Starbucks.
    Coffee me!
  6. [in transit] with the greatest book of travel tales.. seriously though @helytimes is such a great story teller.
  7. [resorting] I slid into her DMs two years ago and never looked back. My amazing friend Stephanie.
  8. [site seeing] the greatest panang curry of my life.
  9. [site seeing] Wired in Patong Beach, Phuket.
    I am obsessed with these wires. Idk why.
  10. [site seeing] just the most rad dinner: panang curry, a hostess I want to kidnap, a thunderstorm, neon lit streets, vibe on vibe. 💚 thailand.
    forgot to post this last night.
  11. [resorting] tunes, beverages, humid heat, laughs on laughs .. never going home.
    This is such a great and affordable hotel.
  12. [site seeing] not ok with these rabid weirdo cats roaming for scraps.
  13. [site seeing] Into it.
    😏 ..ok, I'm not. Just thought it was funny that there is a brand called In 2 it.
  14. [site seeing] On James Bond Island they don't appreciate smoking and Pokèmon Go'ing. Respect.
  15. [site seeing] confused Bond girls calling for Leo (at The Beach)
  16. [site seeing] *bombies* I just can't even tell you the fun we had today. Our crew was just so much fun.
  17. [resorting] when you end the best day ever with mcdonalds, home mixed vodka beverages and tunes.
    Nb: Angus Burger set and spicy wings.
  18. [resorting] Honestly.. a liter of vodka, we should be drunk by now. I think the equator is fucking with my piss-fitness (in the best way possible)
  19. [resorting] Not gonna deny it. There's smack talk, debates and dancing going on. Wait. Stop. I found this amazing human online. We're doing ok, guys. We're doing real good.
    Skills = drunk and still able to navigate the filters.
  20. [resorting] last night's night in bin.
  21. [site seeing] A view of Surin Beach from a luxe resort we stumbled upon.
  22. [site seeing] A little freaking proud of our skills in finding a rooftop infinity pool and bar to chill at for the day. Relaxed, yo!
  23. [site seeing] Another rad placemat. This one is at our fave restaurant, Sabai Sabai in Patong.
  24. List discontinued due to extreme intoxication and therefore lacking this ability to do anything!
    Kidding, I did, it wasn't pretty, but I managed!
  25. this moment here was the red flag.. that dude at the bar made friends with us shortly after.
  26. new (muccccchhh younger) frenz.
  27. in repair... moments before jetting back to Perth.