I enjoyed making this list.. there might be a part two in the future.
  1. running under the sprinklers on a hot day
    set in the middle of the lawn, our garden hose and tiny little sprinkler head provided defense from the 40C heat. We'd run and jump over it getting a hit of cold water to our little nether regions for hours!
  2. Thinking I was super sneaky and no one could see what I was up to
    I was curious and mischevious (not s lot has changed!!) and thought I was so sneaky. Mum has confessed that she saw everything from the kitchen window. I love this innocence though, in which I thought that I was alone from anyone's sight.
  3. Sitting in a tree with my imaginary friend for hours
    This really needs no further explaining and perhaps where the tag #myfriendsarebetterthanyours originated. I read recently that children who have imaginary friends grow up to be geniuses. 😏
  4. Catching tadpoles
    The joy in this was the freedom. I was fascinated by creating dioramas and small worlds (I believed in fairies living under mushrooms) and the taddies were like the whales of these worlds! Poor little pre-frogs!
  5. Spend an entire weekend morning eating buttered toast and drinking tea, all the while mum just wanted to get the kitchen clean and done.
    I would actually spend what felt like hours (though I know my mum would never have tolerated this for more than an hour!) eating a loaf of bread toasted, buttered and dunked in white black leaf tea. My mum was fine with it because I was undersize for my age (always) and super skinny (never mind all the caffeine I the tea, mum!.. eh, Italians!). I reckon I could still do it. I love toast!