On The Daily

this damn little app got me hooked on the daily.. this is how I do.
  1. [morning]
  2. wake up to notifications (mostly lists you've all written, unless I posted before bed)
  3. read + respond
  4. if I have time, I take a quick 'title' scan on the homepage and read anything that stands out to me
    It's true!.. I judge a list by its title (well, not judge per se..)
  5. Post a list I just thought of or worked on the night before.
    This is both for the morning or day. Hence why I some times post multiple lists in a day!
  6. [day]
  7. notifications normally prompt me into during the day.
    So if I'm first to like, there's a good chance I have you on notif ;)
  8. DM peeps: either reply (if there are messages), or tell people I think they're awesome.
  9. around 3-4pm I check to see if @Lisa_Fav or @DawnCloud are stirring.
    Emma normally stirs before Fav. I'll drop something cheeky into Fav's DMs because she loves it and I'm a pleaser.
  10. I might check 'discover', but I don't often do this. I have to be at a high level of procrastination to do that.
    Not a massive fan of this page
  11. check the homepage for updates to existing lists I liked.
    Holla for the update feature!
  12. like-stalk my faves: dive into their profile and check out which lists they are liking.
    Like lists and follow accounts accordingly. Yes, yes, I have faves!
  13. Await the Euro/U.K. lists to be posted
  14. [night]
  15. wait for @LeahG to wake up - smile, like, respond IF she posts!
    low key obsess that she might one day surprise me with one of her "... pick up lines" lists #faves
  16. Draft a list I want higher vis on. Yeah, I know I said I gave up on prime time. Seriously though, low key still into it.
    You know, like this one!
  17. Await the US east coast and central lists to be posted
  18. Await the US west coast lists (if I'm having a later than usual night) to be posted
  19. Post my drafted list just before bed.
  20. [middle of the night confession]
    If I wake up for whatever reason, I take a 'lock screen peek' for notifs. 😩 Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm addicted to