Like Only A Senior Can...

And I mean senior as in 'pre-geriatric'! A list of funny things older people do as experienced by living with my mum! Stay tuned for updates!
  1. Advice (dispensed multiple times) to put fuel in my car on Mondays. "It's down to $1.10 on Monday, that's a whole 20c saving per liter..."
    Mum and her bf make a massive deal about this. I'm kinda coming around to it though. I love how mad it makes mum's boyfriend that fuel is only cheap on Mondays!
  2. She thinks I'm a tech wiz because I can use a menu. "You'll have to teach me how you did that". God, I love her. Truly.
    I'm her technical support, she's my emotional support. We have a system!
  3. "Jessica, you don't need to buy shampoo and conditioner, I already have some upstairs you can use up first" ...yep, super shiny and dirty hair, coming right up!
    Tbf, she has always done this kind of thing! She's like a tornado when she shops and doesn't read labels!
  4. Dedicated to her 'old-faithfuls'. This and other utensils have been around since I was a child (aka, long time!). Waste not, want not!
  5. Dictate when you do things! I mean, she gave me life! Plus she's an Italian mum!*. "I'll hang my washing out soon!" Doesn't she know I'm chatting with a friend via text?! 😏
    *similar to Jewish mum's, I've worked out!
  6. ...MORNING SHOWS. Even when she's not in the room watching. Kills me.
    She denies watching them too. "I don't really watch them". What?! Ugh. I like a quiet home in the mornings, and if not quiet, music playing. But commercial tv? No thank you.