Today I had the glorious chance to chill with my rad little sister (the one who is learning to whistle) without any one around. We've had the best day and I've been listing her without her knowing!
  1. Wakey wakey, sister
    She would kill me for this!
  2. Massaging away the tension of not knowing your sister is live listing you!
  3. Blasting Life of Pablo whilst getting ready.
  4. On our way to dropping the boys off for their hike. ✌🏼️
    She thinks she's posing for snap! (Which is half right!)
  5. connecting at our special spot
  6. She had cake for breakfast
  7. In her natural habitat. She bought a serious hot pair of shoes that I can't wait to borrow!
  8. we tried on hats.
    This was me using the phone as a mirror! Sneaky sneaky!
  9. Sister chats whilst getting ready to go to lunch.
    She had no idea I took this one!.. she's such a babe x
  10. She caught me doing this one, because I forgot to mute my camera! 🙈
    I caught her out too! Not one to selfie, she was in the middle of a sexy selfie. I was SO PROUD!
  11. Eating the world's best pasta!
    Big call, I know!
  12. Waiting for our guys at the park.
    All these photos are while we're talking and she doesn't know I'm taking them!
  13. We're set for an afternoon of nothing (other than drinking + reading, and playing with Abbey the Berner!)
  14. Hope you enjoyed this 'secret list'!.. I know I had fun making it 😂