Low Key Australian Outback 🇦🇺

I've not been into the 'proper' outback for a while, so we're going low key and into the outback a short drive from Perth. This is a hike from last weekend with my sister + bro-in-law.
  1. Driving into John Forrest National Park
    This is actually where I grew up, in the 'hills' of Perth. It's roughly 45 minute drive from the city.
  2. I've grown up around 'wild' kangaroos, and they are not overly cute, but they are intriguing to watch. It's not a great idea to feed them, though!
    Later in the day, Kris saw one and I missed it! They move fast! They tend to come out dawn and dusk. Fun fact: I can do a stellar impression of male kanga mating sounds!
  3. Off we go! Hiking in our low-key outback!!
    My sister, Sarah and her husband, Kris.
  4. But first Kris needed a walking stick!
    Meet Gandolf! ...no trees were harmed in the making of this gif.. it was already dead.
  5. An Australian Grass-tree. In the language of the first people of this area it is known as a Balga (tree).
  6. The John Forrest valley
    The bushland is dense and really hard to protect during summer from fire.
  7. A natural water hole
    Our first people would rely heavily on these little holes in the granite as their water supply (filled only by the rain!)
  8. These are honky nuts!
    They are the nuts from the Marri tree (a varietal of eucalyptus), native to Western Australia. Be warned, they are a bitch if you step on one!
  9. Or, you can use them as a whistle if you're clever enough!
    If you're 10, or need to call for help!
  10. Large granite boulders like these are very common.
  11. These little trees are evil! I don't know its name.
  12. These pretty little yellow flowers are stunning.
  13. The effects of a bush fire. It always grows back.
    Western Australian NP's all have fire breaks and we back burn our low lying bush so as to prevent catastrophic bush fires. They still happen, but not to their potential.
  14. We don't have mountains here, but the hills are pretty steep!
  15. Our Outback is stunning. I can't wait to show you more.
  16. Thank you @TQ for requesting this list. Time to plan a road trip north!
    EDIT: I received this list request in ALL CAPS (from TQ) and changed the outback title to suit!