Making Challah : live

Just two good Catholic girls making Challah. Happy Hanukkah, bbs 💋✌🏼
  1. We needed carbs. So we're making Challah. Wish us luck
  2. Playlist playing. "Oh wow, you know your Jewish rappers"
  3. Yeast activating. "Yeah, bitch... SCIENCE"
  4. She's not very culinary!! Separating eggs 😬
  5. Legit step. Adding the yeast to the egg slurry and dry mix
  6. I gotta do all the work around here!
  7. L'chaim!! "Where's my fucking crown?"
  8. tucking our little dough into bed for an hour..
  9. Ask us anything!. We're waiting for dough to rise!
  10. keeping with the Jewish theme, discussing that Jumpman is not 'John Mayer, John Mayer, John Mayer them boys up to somethin', ooooh'
  11. Doubled. Time for braiding.
  12. Length over girth. 16:1.
  13. Braid Queen teaching me. Confidence.
  14. Ridiculously proud of our little Challah. Time for the second rising.
  15. Christmas night movies and Hanukkah feeds.
    Our little Challah all grown up! She's so big now.
  16. She's still steaming.
  17. Fin.
    That was delicious. And ridiculously easy to make. That challah makes us holla 🙌🏼