Manifested On A Super-Moon

Normally I manifest with great clarity and specificity. Last night I manifested on the super-moon in broad brush strokes. Here are my manifestations.
  1. Travel with a purpose.
    I love traveling to connect with people I know and people I'll meet. Last night I manifested that I'll travel in 2017+ with a purpose in addition to the usual.
  2. Rise up.
    I feel like I've been on this trajectory to my purpose recently. I manifested for a little taster of what I'm headed for.. it kind of feels very 'slow moving beast-ish' and I want an injection of inspiration.
  3. Something new.
    I am not a ground-hog day kind of gal and to me a great day is one with a new experience. I love the new, exciting, surprising, unexpected, coveted or even unusual! I believe in the unprecedented happening. Bring. It. On. Universe!
  4. Who else manifests? What y'all bringing into your space?
    Oh!.. and it's not too late.. the moon is still full for another night or so!
  5. 🌕 + ✨
  6. [this was my view of the delightful moon]