Meeting An American Lister, In PERTH!

[not a sanctioned @ListMeetUps]
  1. Received a casual DM from @emmaaaaaa a couple weeks back letting me know she was in town for a conference and do I want to meet up... ummm YES!!
  2. So we did!!
    laughing because sunset selfies are mad difficult!
  3. So here is a pretty one of Emma admiring the sunset
  4. We had classic fish n' chips and something bubbly to wash it down! The food snaps failed, so here is a pic Emma took of me!
  5. Then we went to Bar LaFayette for a whiskey sour, because we're classy, yo!
  6. Ahhh, what a magical night. It was so great meeting you Emma, looking forward to 'the next time'!
    We legit non-stop talked the whole time and I even forgot to give her the tour-guided drive!
  7. Oh, Emma wrote a list about her visit too! 😏 Reasons I love Perth 🇦🇺