[🇦🇺] More Questions for Fellow Listers who aren't from the U.S

Inspired by @Lisa_Fav
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    What are we doing here?
    Expressing ourselves through word and gif (and sometimes voice!)
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    Why did you join?
    Curious to see what @bjnovak created. It appealed to me for two reasons: 1) I love his work, 2) I write lists!
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    Why did you stay?
    Curiosity and Connection. My top core values thrive here.
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    How do you feel about li.st prime-time™? How bored are you when it's time for the US to sleep?
    Ahhh, I have held a long term love/hate relationship with US prime-time™! >> Screw You, Prime-time! I don't get bored!.. I have a life outside list! In the beginning it was hard, now not so much. The International li.st Alliance is growing!! 🌏📈
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    If you don't come from an English speaking country, do you miss writing in your native language?
    No, preferisco scrivere in inglese perchè tutti lo capisce 😉
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    Do you feel America is too America centric?
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    Do you feel li.st is too LA centric?
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    Did you ever have someone making a comment on you having an opinion on America, Americans and politics?!
    No, not an Americanism.. I have had Americans misunderstand me through ignorance (i.e., jumping to conclusions without enquiry) .. but hey, that's life and not a country-centric thang! Mind you, I don't get super controversial on here.. I leave that for in-person discussions.
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    Are we just tourists on li.st?
    Are we? I don't know the business plan! (I wish I did!) ..do I FEEL like one?! Sometimes. Sometimes I feel on the outer here for the fact that I am foreign. I hear y'all like Aussie tourists though, so I could be down with that kinda profiling tbh! Who wants me to say "g'day"? 🙄 ..selfie?
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    Yes. I do believe li.st to be very America-centric still and come hell or high water I'm here to bring change! You will accept me, my Aussie lists and my broad (raspy) accent goddamn it! 😉 *pounds fist*