Hands down, I love a sleep in.. which reduces the time to get ready. Today I gave myself 30 minutes for everything.. get up, get ready, get out!.. This is my 'beauty' regime..
  1. Bed hair, eye sleep and other delightful post wake up stuff!
    what a picture!.. still pretty self conscious about it being up!.. fuck it, who cares!
  2. My mank hair brushes. I've had them forever!!!
    I usually comb my ends (control the frizz) and brush the top.. Then I give up, and brush the lot.. A lot of my hair routine is giving up! Sometimes I skip this step altogether and go straight to top knot!
  3. The holy trinity! Dry Shampoo, hair colour spray and hair spray
    Ok, this is about the extent of taking hair care seriously.. Dry shampoo is a must in this heat and humidity. If you can't see my grey roots, it's because they have dark brown Oribe sprayed on them 😉 and to get the waves, I put my hair in a bun, spray lightly with hair spray and wait 20 minutes!
  4. I only use one moisturizer.. this is it. Kiehls.
    Jennifer Aniston once told me (via Cosmopolitan magazine) the importance of moisturizing as we enter our 30's. I obeyed. Always obey Jennifer Aniston. Her hot tip was moisturise your neck! What a legend! (So logical!)
  5. Life doesn't exist without my morning coffee
    In my Birdrock coffee cup!.. 🙌🏼 for La Jolla, SD! I'm drinking a Nespresso "Roma", I prefer "Caramalito".. It's in here because it makes me happy and beauty radiates inside out!
  6. Any one, or all of these, on my face!
    Who doesn't love a flat lay?! ...hmm, flat lay, funny when you see a word differently. I digress. SO!.. I will either skip this step, apply only the concealer (I have dark circles under my eyes), dust a little mineral powder all over, just the pale eyeshadow, and generally (most days) mascara. I have long lashes, but they have blond tips! So weird.
  7. Finishing touches
    Lip gloss/balm and perfume..
  8. 30 mins later..
    And the specs are because I'm super lazy and can't be fucked changing them up later. I'm off to class and will need them to write this list and, why am I justifying this?!?!