Inspired in part by @margaretyoko's kick ass child gang list from the other day, and a conversation shared at dinner tonight with a friend over a mutual experience from our childhood. We both experienced a super awkward decade feeling like the 'black duck' - tomboy child .. here is my 'bad' decade
  1. Eight
    The awkward one on the right (your right, but I had you at awkward!)
  2. Nine
    Going through the motions, wondering if the kids were choosing to be there.
  3. Ten
    My dad was a boilermaker / gold mining entrepreneur - this was his workshop and this was me oblivious to my distinct differences to my sisters (awkward, right, obvious!)
  4. Eleven
    I was starting to become aware of my awkwardness, hence being manhandled into this photo by a very dear friend of mine.
  5. Twelve
    This must have been my sister's desk. I don't recall ever receiving a medal, or studying. Despite looking like a complete awkward nerd.
  6. Thirteen
    I declare this the height of awkward, there is no photo available. Although, the next photo (photo-booth) I believe is a 13/14 comparison shot with my bff.
  7. Fourteen
    This photo reveals the true height of my awkwardness (which carried into my early 20's) .. this in fact from a scrapbook of the first 21 years of my life. All this to distract you from the climax of awkward - 14.
  8. Fifteen
    The year dad was diagnosed with his brain tumor* .. and weirdly the slow and gradual decline of awkward. *thinking I miiiiight list some diary entries from my experiences as a teen experiencing my dad's cancer.
  9. Sixteen
    ...and no where near being kissed! BUT on the improve, for sure!
  10. Seventeen
    With my new bff (who is still one of my closest loves to date.. awww) and shedding a decade of awkward.. visually at least!
  11. Eighteen
    OH FUCK!! What the hell happened?!
  12. Eighteen
    Let's do that again!! This is more like it, celebrating the decade of awkward being done and done! Confident young lady on the rise!!..