My Favourite Italian Words

Lately I have become passionate about picking up Italian again. I've been talking to myself in the language and I'm building my confidence. In the meantime, let me share my favourite parole italiana.
  1. attraversiamo - we cross over
    ...and not only because Elizabeth Gilbert suggested so! Attraversiamo has such a beautiful sound and intensity.
  2. lasciare - to leave
    lasciare is the root verb and when conjugated it takes on a different sound. I'd hear 'lascia la' a lot as a child, it means 'leave it (alone)'. It has a gentle intensity.
  3. cinque - five
    this word sounds happy to me.
  4. allora - kind of like 'anyway'
    for such a common word it has such a kind sound that invites a topic change or intro.
  5. amore - love
    it sounds like a whisper, which in itself is very sensual.
  6. follia- madness
    It's pronounced foh-leah. I think it's such a pretty word for such an affliction as madness.
  7. . . .