Ok, so these are stills from my snap story (@jesszaffino, if you're feeling stalky) and other photos taken by the team .. today was my last day at lululemon athletica after 4.5 years of store service. PS. I'm an emotional bandit, I feel it and you see it (I have no emotional poker face!)
  1. 07:30
    so I've been crying spontaneously this week.. If I wasn't leaving, I'd think I were pregnant!
  2. 09:55
    so the book shop lady parks in my spot from time to time... today of all days?! Are you serious Kluger?!
  3. 09:57
    Ooopsies, cut that a little fine! Didn't get fired! *phew*
  4. 11:00
    Marking down some units and got a little sticker happy!.. Got picked up by a 50 y.o (ok, I might have started the flirting ...and still, I wasn't fired!)
  5. 13:00
    Yard time is Lunch time. It's 30 minutes, that's always bugged me!
  6. 13:15
    Getting coffee and @john is playing .. Waiting on The World.. I'm on it, John!!
  7. 14:45
    So many gifts.. my guru Lara bought me Transition Oil. I love my life. These people are so special. Heart warmers. 💗
  8. 14:50
    ..and this beauty, who honestly gives the most thoughtful gifts.
  9. 15:05
    Then, almost on cue, these arrive.. so sweet.
  10. 17:10
    The gifts continued!.. our neighbors, the butchers, fashioned me this bone, made of bone! Such a thoughtful, handcrafted gifts.. *having beers with these guys on Saturday, should be interesting!
  11. 17:30
    Time to lock and leave for the last time! Handed back the keys!.. Off for a spontaneous dip at the beach while the sunsets!.. or am I?!?!
  12. 18:10
    Raech and I headed for our "release the zombies" ocean dive (a little ritual we created to wash "it" off and start anew)
  13. 18:20
    SURPRISE!! Team beach swims and sunset picnic.. we all released our zombies! Even @iswari - so proud of you gal.. love you endlessly x
  14. 18:25
  15. 18:45
    Picnic time.. one of my ultimate beach side faves .. classic, fish and chips!
  16. 19:00
    My hair is in the chip fat! Whaaaaaa?! So classy!
  17. 19:10
    The sun setting on a wonderful day, a fabulous team and the most inspiring years of my growth.. time for the next chapter..
  18. 19:20
    ...ahhhh, I'm going to miss not seeing these goddesses every damn day.