My Latest Low-Key Obsessions

August 2016 Edition.
  1. [Dental Flossing] ..I'm the patient that agrees to floss daily and then doesn't. Lately though, I've been flossing after almost every meal. I can't really explain why, I've just seriously gotten into it.
  2. [Dream State] ..Oh, if only you knew the depths my thoughts go to! Dreams + Dream Theories fascinate me. The neuroscience of consciousness fascinates me! I believe that there's plausibility in 'dream control' in our near future. I believe in plausibility of dream interaction in our distant future. I'm an avid lucid dreamer, yet to master it though.
    Check out Moran Cerf if the whole dream control theory floats you boat!
  3. [Malcolm Gladwell] ..I fan-girled when Malcolm said his regular breakfast was a croissant and cappuccino #twinning! Ok, I hopped on the MG bandwagon in 2011 after reading The Tipping Point. It was only this year though after finishing Outliers that I have decided I'm going full low-key obsessed with him. Podcasts, all the books..
    ...maybe a meet n greet one day? A little chit chat over coffee + croissant!