Requested by Lisa

My Legacy

  1. Australian Γ Lister
  2. Food and Beverage Lister
  3. Obscure and Ambiguous Deep Thinking Lister
  4. 'On the Spectrum..' Lister
  5. Playful and Rather Inappropriate Lister
  6. Day-dreaming Lister
  7. 30-40 yo Lister
  8. Oversharing Lister
  9. Not everyone's cup-of-tea Lister
  10. Loyal Lister
    THAT TLA SAND SCULPTURE I MADE.. ....and then they went and changed the fucking logo!!!
  11. ..really though, I just want to be known as that Aussie chick with a big heart, filthy mouth, intelligent mind and great smile, who made your day once in a while.
  12. ✌🏼️+💙
  13. [happy list birthday y'all x]