My Long-Haul Flight Must Haves

It's no secret I love to travel! I am craving a long-haul and will manifest its being! So while I'm daydreaming about that, here's a list of my long-haul (flight) must haves.
  1. Good hair! For a girl who advocates the top knot on the daily, this might be surprising. Trust me on this. If you can, invest* in a blow-out pre flight. If not, spend the time blow drying and straightening (or fixing your curls) pre-flight. By all means, top knot in-flight if you go to sleep :)
    *trust me, it's an investment that pays dividends!
  2. Eye drops. The air is so dry in flight. Plus, nothing says "good morning, we'll be touching down in 30 minutes" like two frozen drops of water to the eyes!
  3. An essential oil. I like lavender because it's also good for relaxing. I like orange blossom for the scent. The reason for the oil is for dabbing on your scarf (collar) for when you are seated next to a smelly undesirable! Or for that kid in front of you that keeps farting!
  4. Hand Sanitizer + Deodorant. I almost forgot that these two are equivalent to my 'shower' on a long haul! Despite not using sanitizer on the reg, I treat planes like buses, you need to protect yourself! And well, deodorant, kind of a no brainer!
  5. Basic make up. Long-hauls make you feel like a zombie (unless you get to fly in First). Putting on a little make up helps you look and feel less like a zombie. Plus: rituals!
    My make up kit: concealer, mineral base, eye shadow creme in pearl, mascara, lip gloss.
  6. Moisturizer. Like the eye drops, your skin craves moisture in flight. As a plus, I find it helpful to have little rituals in flight. Moisturizing is one of them!
  7. Scarf. Get a nice massive, lightweight wrap. My go to is my fave lululemon wrap. It's like muslin cloth and keeps me covered up and also helps block those smelly neighbors when doused in essential oil!
  8. Eye mask. You need to sleep. If you try a 17+ hour flight without it, you won't survive at the other end. Plus, I don't like wasting vacation (business) time on feeling like shit!
  9. 3 in 1 outfit. You just don't know when you'll be a statistic and have your luggage sent to Yemen! Pack a smart little outfit that could be worn for a couple days. Don't forget extra underwear!
  10. Water bottle. I always BYO my own water bottle. 1. because I'm frugal af, 2. because I don't like airline water and 3. saves on packaging waste! Plus, I don't like to annoy the hostesses asking for water.
  11. Melatonin. This secret little weapon will help you get on your new time zone fast! Some might say overnight! My last trip to LA, I took it inflight, landed at 7am, went to sleep after midnight, woke at 9am (slightly hungover!) and voila, no jet lag!
    Aussies be ware, it's not available in Australia. It cannot be ordered in either. Can only be obtained in the States. Or so I've heard 😏
  12. Betadine (antiseptic) Throat Gargle. My bro-in-law taught me this little trick. Planes are filthy and you only need one infected neighbor to cough you into a shitty vacation! A quick trip to the bathroom for a gargle before landing and you'll kill any bugs who took resident!
    Totally forgot this must have. I only take it as carry on for super long hauls though.