My Next Vacation Destinations, Ranked By Want

The best time to plan a vacation is on a vacation! (Not inspired by @bjnovak)
  1. [asap] Paris, via London, via Italy and Switzerland.
    @Lisa_Fav and I will be spending all the food focused Jewish holidays together, so we really need to get started on that! Oh, that and to FREAKING MEET HER and @DawnCloud IRL!! While I'm there I want to go 'home' to my fam in the Alps and on the Calabrian coast.
  2. [Feb 2017] Adelaide, South Australia
    I know, I know.. Adelaide, right?! This trip is to see my friend @raechel who I miss so dearly. Plus, South Australia has some of the best wine grown in Australia (I'll never concede to Raech that they actually do!). A mini-vacay of friendship, wines and mermaid-dips (aka beach visits).
  3. [July 2017] United States of America.
    Will you just adopt me already?! I've been asking for 20 years. I'm low-key obsessed with the idea of getting there in your summer. A couple weeks of shenanigans, hopefully Mayer concerts and meeting all you glamorous folks! (@LeahG .. I'll keep you in the loop! 😉 Obvs.)
  4. [2017-2018] Korea
    I have recently taken to a mad obsession with Korean food. I always wanted to do Japan (and I still do), it's just that my desire to go to Korea is stronger now. A vacay for the food! I'll be wanting advice from you guys on this one.. time to go, where to go, what to do/see etc.