My Sisters. An Ode Of Love.

  1. my sisters (and I)
  2. the youngest (on the left)
    yeah, I've live listed Sarah without her knowing.. she is so tenacious, recovering from Lyme disease, super level and pragmatic. This being said, she has always entertained me with silliness. We've tackled life-demons head on together. She's about three years younger, and nine mental years older, but she'll always be my little noishies (and I'll forever crash tackle her with 😘)
  3. the eldest (in the middle)
    ahhh, Donna. My beautiful girl was always off limits growing up, but I'm in there now and I love my time with my super-mum, super-bendy yoga and life lovin sister! She never judges me and is always up for super-shenanigans. She always suspects my devious side and gives me knowing glances. We have more in common than either of us know. How do I know? I just do. I love my lil' big sis with the entirety of my ❤️