My Tech Obsessions, Chronologically

  1. [mid 80s] my first hand-held game: Pizza
    I remember begging my mum to buy me this game. Begging may have included a sobbing rendition of "yo-uuu neeehhver geeegeeet me annyyytthhhing"
  2. [mid 80s] there was this game in primary school I loved but have no clue of the name.. I remember needing to coordinate with the tide directions.
  3. [late 80s] Whoa!.. then there was this one. The Bermuda Project on Atari was my first real tech addiction. I used to dream of this game when I wasn't playing it. Obsessed.
    The game sees you crashing your plane in the Bermuda Triangle and you have to survive and fight your way out.
  4. [early-mid 90s] Night on night taking turns with my little sister playing Sega's Sonic The Hedgehog. I still love this game and don't play it as much as I could.
    The game said "Say-Ga", yet we still pronounced it "See-Ga"!
  5. [late 90s] Nokia 6110: Snake. Not the greatest game in the world, but like, it's on a mobile phone!! Whaaa?!
    It's also fair to say that my Nokia was the spark for my obsession with all future mobile/cell/smart phones. I've upgraded consistently every two years.
  6. [early 00s] GTA: not as a player, but an observer! I'd happily lay on the couch and watch hours of GTA being played.
    I got lazy with gaming! I can and do play GTA, but I'm not great at driving so I just end up hooning and picking up prostitutes!
  7. [circa 2007+] Facebook: that status update life.
    I joined in 2007 and quickly became addicted. It is no longer an addiction, and I barely go in there anymore.
  8. [from 2009+] The present day Holy Trinity!
    ..and whatsapp, but that's less an obsession and more just a daily necessity!
  9. ....where to next?.. knowing me: upgrading to i7 (water resistance!.. I need that!), virtual/sensory reality, any cognitive-dream-unconscious-mapping - all that fun stuff we haven't fully nailed yet!