as a gift (😏) I gave up social media for the duration that my man was home.. that and I plan to get him Rolling Stones' Voodoo Lounge on vinyl .. he has just gone to work, so naturally I'm going to List my day! // moderated content, rated PG13
  1. Got up early, finish tidying the house, check SM, dressed scantily.
  2. Put out two date cards; stay in OR go out.
    He is a fire fighter and was on shift last night (and tonight) .. I never know if he'll come home and need to sleep (and we're in wildfire season)
  3. He chose "go out"
    Either way, they both had the same agenda: coffee, brunch, zoolander, treat. One was all those things within the confines of our place and the other was not!
  4. I started to prepare brunch: home-baked mushroom and pancetta muffins and whilst baking I went out to buy coffees.
  5. Whilst he drank his coffee, I finished preparing brunch
  6. Next up; off to the beach for brunch and stand up paddle with our puppy.
    I am pissed I gifted him that I would leave my phone at home. It was so picturesque. Pure white powder sand, crystal blue water, a slight easterly breeze ensuring the waters were calm. We have trained our dog to jump on our boards, so she came out with us too.
  7. Back at home and he needed to kip. He had a massive night on a local scrub fire and was having a hard time deciding that he needed to stay in.
  8. Changing the agenda to "stay in"
  9. He fell asleep within minutes of making the call to stay in. I fetched the necessary requirements.. and created this!
  10. ...this is also about the time I broke my own "no social media rule" (zero willpower!)
  11. I built a movie watching fort!
    because I am a massive child-woman with an endless imagination and propensity for romanticism.
  12. Promptly woke him up ... (I) popped a champagne + he drank ginger beer, watched Zoolander ... did naughty things ... tried watching Dodgeball, switched to The Office 😏
  13. Prepared him cold-rock style icecream with strawberry cheesecake Ben + Jerry's, nerds candy and freddo frogs.
  14. Watched The Office, cringed at how closely it resembled our old work place where we fell in love (esp S2E11 booze cruise) and then he up and left for work.
  15. ...what's next?! More 'Office, finish my bottle of champagne, order a pizza (thanks for the inspo @jpbateson!) and the watch Valentine's Day and then somewhere in there post my List App Valentine's list for my secret Valentine ❤️