New Year Goals And Shit

It's NYE here, so this list seems obligatory.
  1. Write all 2017 lists on my Mac.
    Ok, we can but day dream. Maybe, write the *majority* of my 2017 lists on my Mac. 😏😚
  2. Run
    Perhaps not another marathon, just some simple sub 30 5ks. My soul needs to run again. Legit. Plus Stephanie is posting me a trophy if I can run a 5k in sub 20. I've done it once, sure I can kill myself again!
  3. Distinction > High Distinction average
    I swapped from a BA to BSc, yo! Which means I can do more arts (aka Linguistics). Also, now that I'm second year my gpa matters toward honours + masters.
  4. New tattoo.
    Minus the compounds. Serotonin is a big part of my life, and will be so in my future. Time to ink it in.