No Shit They're Happy!.. Why Quokkas Selfie.

time for an Aussie fauna list! 🇦🇺
  1. According to BuzzFeed, the quokka is the happiest creature on earth.. no shit, and here is why!..
    If you're wondering what a quokka is, it's a marsupial that looks like a giant rat. Also, here is the buzzfeed link:
  2. So happy!. harmless little creature.
    Check out that head tilt! These creatures know how to take a selfie! #quokkaselfie
  3. ...ok mate, back it up!
    Fact: they carry salmonella!.. in their pouches, with other nifty shit!
  4. No shit they're happy.. happy stealing our chips!
    ...and THIS is why the little fuckers are a) so compliant to take a selfie and b) so freaking happy!
  5. Fun times on the island!
    ..this quokka was disgusting(ly hilarious).. shat on our table, ate my ketchup and attempted to drink my beer.