Non-Sexual Turn Ons

  1. Handwriting.
    I have a thing for font. Doesn't need to be cursive, it just has to appeal to me.
  2. Music
    the right melodic and lyrical combo can get me all sorts of (non-horny) turnt!
  3. New car smell
    Can't explain it.
  4. Summer rain
    My natural high
  5. Fresh bed sheets
    I roll myself around in fresh sheets. Best.
  6. Whispers
    Something so devilish about whispering.
  7. Red Wine
    Last night I had the most delicious Syrah. It had the intensity of a Shiraz and this after taste of candy.
  8. 70-80% dark chocolate
    With that Syrah and now we're borderline sexual turn on.
  9. ...I need to stop.
  10. Post-mix Coke.
    I don't drink a lot of soda, but post mix is crack to me.
  11. Ok... stopping. Now I'm craving all these things. Even the new car smell bc I saw a hot looking new Audi on my way to uni and I just wanted to sit in it.
    Ok. That's enough! See ya! 🙋🏻