Phuket, Thailand: Come At Me With Your 'Things To Do' Suggestions

I'll be touching down for a girl's trip in Phuket from Saturday. I'd love any suggestions of places to eat, drink and see. I'll get you started with some of my 'likes to do' while on vacay:
  1. Eat as authentic as possible
  2. Drink in fun (not too touristy) places
    I know! I'm a total snob.
  3. Lay by a pool or on a nice beach
    I have high 'nice beach' standards
  4. See culturally things (aka learn stuff)
  5. Hiking and walking
  6. Post pictures on social medias to make your friends jealous
    Suggested by   @Lisa_Fav
  7. @Lisa_Fav I specifically upgraded our room to ensure I got wifi for this exact purpose! Get excited for your DMs! 😏