First up, thank you @jpbateson ..if you're planning to come to Aus, don't leave out Perth, we are worth the extra week of vacation leave! All suggestions within a 50km radius of the city (inc the islands!)
  1. kings park botanical garden
    It's a cliche suggestion, but the best view of our city and the south of Perth. The quickest way to appreciate our flora and not be intimidated by our fauna. Top tip: pack a picnic, troll the area for 'your spot' and share that moment with someone special //image credit to (thank you interwebs)
  2. Leighton Dog Beach
    Ok, ok, you can borrow my dog!.. Seriously though, Perth beaches are the best and cleanest suburban beaches I've seen (and I've been to a few worldly beaches).. Pick a spot on our coastline (any spot) and you won't be disappointed. Grab some beers, and wait for the sunset. #longwalkersparadise /image credit: my own!
  3. Fremantle
    Commonly nicknamed, Freo, you want to spend the afternoon in our Port City ..pick a restaurant of your fancy for lunch (Little Creatures Brewery) , put your walking shoes on to explore and work off the delish meal, grab a serving of fish and chips and sit on the rocks at Bathers Beach and watch the sunset.. then head up to my place for beers + tunes in the yard! Perfection :) /image cred to
  4. John Forrest NP
    I grew up on the border of this national park.. and it's fun to hike or bike. You're unlikely to see a koala (they are more natively an east coast thing) but you will see kangaroos, all the reptiles, all the insects (and spiders) and all the iconic Aussie plant-life. #eucalyptusanyone?! /image cred
  5. the Swan River
    Find someone with a boat.. take it up the river to one of our wineries in the Swan Valley. I love most forms of alcohol and wine is definitely no exception! Seriously though, a day on the Swan River is one of my fave things to do on a sunny day (even on a cold, almost winter day as this one was!)
  6. Carnac Island / Rottnest Island
    Find someone with a boat (I know a guy 😉) and head into the great Indian Ocean for a day of open water fun. If you can get your head around the fact that you're in Great White shark territory you'll have the best day of all time. I favour Carnac bc it's less crowded. Crystal blue water, talc white sand, warm air, tunes, champagne, bbq, fun, fun, fun. Tip: pack my SUP board and catch a tide and watch the seals play under you.
  7. My place!
    I live in East Freo (aka East Fremantle) and love our little abode. Our place was built in 1890 and was an original wharf master cottage, for the Port of Fremantle. Our street has a humble little coffee strip and a few classy restaurants, it's a stones throw from the Swan River and bike ride to the beach. I'm a great host and have a sweet little backyard and a stocked drinks fridge!