Rad Shit I've Done

I was chatting with a friend and they asked what skills I have! I was like, "fuck, I'm skill-less!" (in comparison to that talented soul!) and then I was like, "no, no, I dabble, I've done tons of rad shit!". Here's a sample!
  1. Dry-suit SCUBA dived the Silfra fissure in the Thingvellir NP, Iceland.
    By far, the raddest thing (and dive) I've ever done! That was insane! It's a tight gap between two tectonic plates, people!
  2. Learned how to make dahl in the Himalaya
    This is my 'sister', Junkiri. I lived with her gorgeous fam and lived that rural, remote Nepali life. Rad af.
  3. While there, did yoga in the Annapurna at sunrise
    Because, why not?! Honestly. Talk about soul on full.
  4. Paddle boarded to a moonrise/sunset dinner in shark infested waters!
    To be fair, I know sharks are in the area. Didn't know there was specifically a 10ft great white in the waters that night. Just part of the rad life, people!
  5. Ran a marathon
    I will never get tired of bragging about this. One of my (if not my) greatest achievements to date. Was rad crossing that finish line. Thirsting for my next.
  6. Relaxed in a hot spring in Canada
    We don't have hot springs where I live, so this was just the coolest (warmest in reality) thing to do! In this shot I had the warm springs on my back and the freezing ocean water on my toes. Rad for me! (just off Tofino, BC)
  7. Flew to Atlanta for a John Mayer concert... JUST BECAUSE!
    So boujee! Y'all concert better than Aussies. The vibe was off the richter. 4 rows from stage. John gave us a sweet little love too. Fan-girl heaven. Rad, rad, rad!
  8. Surfed Smith's Beach
    Ok, LEARNED to surf at Smith's Beach! I'm just ok at surfing. Still feel rad af doing it though!!
  9. Took off to Italy for a month to learn the language
    This solo trip was such a big thing for me at the time. I learned so many valuable things about myself on that trip and I got to live in fair Verona while I did! My Italian improved significantly too! Allora, rad!