reactions I've witnessed today.. way too tired and emotional to give detail to this list. ...please know that I love my American friends and fam and no president will change that.. big love and g'night, J x
  1. Families and friends divided.
  2. World views that 'the USA' are racist xenophobes.
  3. Blame
  4. Anxious and compulsive behaviors resurface
  5. Suicide Helplines tweeted
  6. Rage and anger
  7. Pensive hope
  8. Shock, dismay.
  9. People of colour, culture and religion, and LGBT fearing for their life.
    this pains me incredibly.
  10. Hopeful positivity
  11. Fear
  12. Concern, confusion and anger of foreigners
  13. Despair, numbness, surrealism..
  14. Embarrassment
  15. Love and support