📸 Screenshots on My Camera Roll, Explained

  1. 420 joke for my cousin a day after 420 (I think, can't quite remember 😬)
  2. my appt details for the lab experiment I was taking part in.
    I don't use a diary and this is a fail-safe in case wifi/data forsakes me.
  3. This was for @LeahG who hasn't updated in 6 months and wanted to know where LRs show up.
  4. This was for a list I updated last night (and clearly I forgot to delete it!)
  5. This is to remind me to book this show (and I have another one screenshot for another comedian)
  6. Because this genuinely gave me the wtf giggles and I wanted to keep it for a low-day!
  7. because this is my life right now.
  8. because I went to add another location and it wouldn't let me!
  9. because a friend asked about my sisters.
  10. I really don't know why I grabbed this Snap. 🤔 That being said, I do like it AND I'm a prize-class shithead, so those are likely the reasons!